Named in honour of the author of a Socialist bible and a Bruce Springsteen lyric, The Trestles have something to say… and play hard whilst saying it.

We have just completed recording our debut album, which has been released and is avalable now HERE

Our latest single, ‘Maggie’s Farm #2’, is now available to download from iTunes HERE

Our first single, ‘Sing On’, is also available via download from iTunes HERE – It’s the follow-up to ‘Hard Faced Town’ – the EP we released via download and CD in 2009. The EP brought us great reviews, and helped us develop a live following.

Songs like ‘Sing On’ and ‘The Civilised’ received considerable airplay and have become firm favourites at the group’s live gigs… And it’s on-stage that this band come into their own, with reviews focusing on The Trestles‘ passionate performances and intense lyrics.

If you like the tunes, you really must see this group live. Email the band via thetrestles@yahoo.co.uk if you want to book the group or for any more information.


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