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Big news on next step revealed on radio session…

Al O’Hare was a special guest on journalist Ian Hall’s Liverpool Student Media radio show recently. We’ve got the Listen Again here now – with Al talking about the end of The Trestles, a new direction and exclusive solo acoustic performances of new songs ‘The Grave’ (listen at 12.40) and ‘Michael’ (listen at 28.50). The interview is a revealing one and touches on what’s happening with all members of the band right now. Al says: “Take it for what it is. Everything is a work in progress at the minute – including these two tunes. We’ve got massive changes in the pipeline and things have already started happening. The Trestles were the river – where we’re going next is the sea…” Enjoy! And keep your eye on Al’s Twitter for developments.


Brand new song live clip!

Have a listen below to a live acoustic version of a brand new Trestles tune. ‘Michael’ will be recorded for the band’s second album in 2012 –
but as a little tribute to REM, we’ve posted a recent live clip of Al O’Hare singing the song in Mathew Street’s View Two Gallery.

Here’s a little explanation from Al too: “I was gutted when REM split… but I’d had this tune written for a while before that. We’re uploading now as a little tribute to REM – it’s very much in demo form at the minute and will change shape and colour before we record it with The Trestles. The song tells the story of how REM changed my life. Do you remember the first big gig to have an impact on you? This was mine. The sights, sounds and smells of a big live event did something to my being and I’ve never been the same since! Enjoy the song…”

* Our gig at The Pilgrim, Liverpool on October 21st has been postponed. Stay tuned for further details of our next live shows asap… *

REM: These are the things

REM: These are the things.

When Michael sings.
When Peter plays.
When Mike emotes.
When Nightswimming comes on.
When the last chorus of Fall On Me hits.
Fall On Me.
“Buy the sky and sell the sky…”
When you’re feeling great.
Man On The Moon.
When you’re feeling shit.
Find The River.
When Michael is filled with righteous anger.
Orange Crush.
“Bushwhacked…” The first time.
“If the storm doesn’t kill me the Government will…” The second time.
A three legged dog is still a dog.
Bill Berry.
Everybody Hurts. Everybody.
The drummer wrote their biggest hit.
Buck. Mills.Berry. Stipe.
Michael’s brick tattoo.
Finest Worksong.
When Radio Free Europe confirms Murmur’s greatness.
Not a bad record ‘til their third decade in.
When Michael climbs on Mike’s piano.
“Butterfly decal rearviewmirror dogging your scene…”
What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
“Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy..”
So. Central Rain.
When Michael sings “Hey…” in Let Me In.
The organ in Let Me In.
Let Me In.
“I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance…”
Strange Currencies.
“I don’t know why you’re mean to me…”
“I don’t know what you mean to me…”
When you first heard Imitation Of Life.
I’ll Take The Rain.
The chorus of Leaving New York.
The harmony of Leaving New York.
“Leaving was never my proud…”
LeavingNew York.
“I’m gonna’ DJ at the end of the world…”
It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.
“It’s time I had some time alone…”
“I count your eyelashes secretly –
And with every one whisper I love you…”
At My Most Beautiful.
The greatest band America has ever given the world.
The last band we will know the names of every member.
Bill. Peter. Mike. Michael.

Alan O’Hare,Liverpool, September 2011.