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Al features in Culturepool book

Culturepool played a big part in The Trestles. They put us on at the Working Class Music Festival in 2009 and our last major gig in Liverpool was to headline their 5th birthday bash at ‘Above the Beaten Track’ last August. A book has been published to celebrate their achievements and Al O’Hare is featured with a double page spread talking about his feelings for Culturepool.

Have a look here on pages 44-45.


That was the river. This is the sea…

Laura McKinlay & Alan O’Hare, Liverpool, December 2011.

A brief update from Al: I’ve been in Crosstown Studios in Liverpool to record demos for our next move. All will be revealed in 2012, suffice it to say that we will be a new band, with a new name, brand new songs and a new sound. The first tentative steps could not have gone better. You will hear new music and see us live, early in the New Year. And I’d like to welcome Laura McKinlay (from Denny, Scotland) on the fiddle, as our newest recruit. Keep the faith and have a great Christmas and New Year… Al.

*Don’t forget to follow Al’s Twitter for the latest developments and visit the SHOP to order ‘What Do You See?’ for just £4.99 (inc. P&P). When the last batch are sold out, that will be it…


“The best debut album by a Liverpool band in years…”
Liverpool Student Media.

Buy The Trestles’ debut album for just £4.99 (inc p&p) via paypal here now
The Trestles released ‘What Do You See?’ to critical acclaim earlier this year – and the last few physical copies (CD only) are now going on-sale at a very special price of just £4.99 (including p&p) for Christmas. The 12-song record has been lauded by the likes of Bido Lito and The End and can now be yours for under a fiver… treat your friends and family too if you already have it!
Al O’Hare has recently been in the studio putting down demos for a new project in the new year, so stay tuned to Al’s Twitter for all the latest.
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Courtesy of Milkyone Creative

Download our final single for FREE on SoundCloud.
Click here to download ‘The Ache’
Dedicated to Paul Hill and inspired by his book, ‘Stolen Years’.


A message from Al O’Hare:

Hiya everyone. The Trestles are changing. I’m planning the next move (night and day!) as we speak. As soon as something tangible happens, you’ll know about it here first. Excited? We ain’t even started yet…
Have a listen to our very latest recording on the SoundCloud player now – and, go on then, we’ll even let you download it for free! Enjoy ‘The Ache’ – recorded, mixed and mastered in September 2011 at Crash, Liverpool with engineer Andy Ferniough. Dedicated to Paul Hill and inspired by his book, ‘Stolen Years’.
Al O’Hare, October 2011.

Listen to our next single now!

Just a month or so after ‘Oscar Wilde (Stole My Morning)’ – our next single is ready for release. More details will follow very soon – but have an exclusive listen thanks to our friends at Liverpool Bands

Click here to listen to ‘The Ache’ now

Brand new song live clip!

Have a listen below to a live acoustic version of a brand new Trestles tune. ‘Michael’ will be recorded for the band’s second album in 2012 –
but as a little tribute to REM, we’ve posted a recent live clip of Al O’Hare singing the song in Mathew Street’s View Two Gallery.

Here’s a little explanation from Al too: “I was gutted when REM split… but I’d had this tune written for a while before that. We’re uploading now as a little tribute to REM – it’s very much in demo form at the minute and will change shape and colour before we record it with The Trestles. The song tells the story of how REM changed my life. Do you remember the first big gig to have an impact on you? This was mine. The sights, sounds and smells of a big live event did something to my being and I’ve never been the same since! Enjoy the song…”

* Our gig at The Pilgrim, Liverpool on October 21st has been postponed. Stay tuned for further details of our next live shows asap… *